Anti-perspiration solution


It’s always unpleasant to smell a strong odor coming from someone nearby, but it becomes even worse when you realize it’s coming from yourself.

Did you know that the production of sweat and the pungency of its odor depend not only on your personal hygiene?

It’s essential not only to know how to combat body odor but also to prevent excessive sweating. Odor and sweat are not always synonymous.

Unpleasant odors are created by pathogenic microorganisms that thrive in areas of the body that are moist and warm, providing ideal conditions for these bacteria. Underarm hair can exacerbate this favorable environment.

One of the challenges of perspiration is that the odor can permeate fabric, making it very difficult to remove the smell from clothing.

Many have noticed that over time, the fabric in the underarm area tends to wear out faster.

The odor is highly persistent, and while some try to mask it with perfumes and colognes, this often makes the odor even worse.

So, how can you remove the smell of sweat from clothing without damaging it?

The simplest method is to wash the clothing with:

Often, sweat can cause significant skin irritation due to the presence of bacteria.

Using antiperspirants with artificial fragrances is not recommended as it can exacerbate the irritation. The best solution for body odor is:

It effectively eliminates sweat odor, prevents the proliferation of microbes and pathogenic bacteria on the skin’s surface at a microbiological level, helps control excessive sweating (only the dead don’t sweat), normalizes the skin’s pH balance, soothes and prevents inflammatory processes on the skin’s surface.

Thanks to its innovative component – a symbiotic – it provides a sense of cleanliness and a protective barrier against body odor.

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