Nr. 45 DEODORANT, 50 ml


Instant protection from body odor with symbiotics. Removes and prevents odor at a microbiological level. Simply apply to clean skin and enjoy long-lasting freshness.

  • Microbiological protection at every level
  • Prevention of inflammation and irritation
  • Long-lasting protection and freshness

Sweat Odor Control with Symbiotics – Reliable Protection and Freshness

Our sweat odor control product with symbiotics offers numerous advantages to ensure you reliable and long-lasting protection.

Key Benefits

Microbiological Protection at Every Level: Our innovative formula acts at the microbiological level, eliminating and preventing the occurrence of sweat odor. The symbiotic ingredient in the product creates a powerful barrier against pathogenic bacteria, guaranteeing complete protection.

Prevention of Inflammation and Irritation: Symbiotics help prevent inflammatory processes on the skin, which often accompany excess moisture and bacterial activity. This means that our product not only prevents odor but also cares for the health of your skin.

Long-lasting Protection and Freshness: A single application of our product provides long-lasting protection against sweat odor. You can feel fresh and confident in any situation, knowing that our product works throughout the day.

With our sweat odor control product with symbiotics, you will receive reliable protection, inflammation prevention, and long-lasting freshness – everything you need for a comfortable and confident day.


Apply to clean skin, if necessary, use repeatedly.


50 ml


aqua, peg-8, propylene glycole, triethanolamine, fragrance, ci 42051, bacillus ferment.