Toothbrushes have been found to be a reservoir for bacteria


Millions of people are unknowingly putting their health at risk every day by keeping their toothbrushes near the toilet, according to British researchers.

During flushing, pathogenic bacteria can become airborne and settle on nearby surfaces, with toothbrushes often falling within the “contamination zone,” especially in shared bathrooms.

Disease-causing microbes can spread up to 1.8 meters from the toilet.

Statistically, three out of four toothbrushes are stored in open containers, and every other toothbrush is located less than a meter from the toilet.

Researchers from the University of Manchester conducted an analysis and found that toothbrushes can harbor over a hundred million bacteria, including:

  1. e. Coli,
  2. staphylococci,
  3. streptococci,
  4. and candida fungi.

Scientists recommend storing toothbrushes in closed containers or using special sanitizing systems for their disinfection.

It is believed that toothbrushes began to be used in Europe in the 18th century, coinciding with the introduction of sugar into people’s diets.

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