Shoe care product


Excessive sweating of the feet and the resulting unpleasant odor in shoes are problems familiar to many.

Some people suffer from it themselves, while others are irritated by the dreadful “aromas” of family members or colleagues.

It is often assumed that such individuals are unclean, do not wash their feet, or fail to change their socks.

However, this is not always the case.

Discussing this issue is something most people are not ready to do, but the reality is that the problem is much more serious.

The diagnosis of “smelly feet” can often be attributed to a person who is simply not healthy. The cause of unpleasant foot and shoe odor is bacteria and fungi.

It is the byproducts of the life activities of pathogenic microorganisms that result in the unpleasant odor.

Innovative product:

with symbiotics for shoe interior care creates a healthy microflora and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Thanks to symbiotics and components in the product, delicate issues are resolved efficiently and quickly, providing:

  1. long-lasting antibacterial,
  2. antifungal,
  3. and antiseptic effects after several applications.

The product is used not only to combat unpleasant odors from shoes but also as a preventive measure against fungal infections.

It is crucial to ensure that infected footwear does not transmit diseases again, as old infected shoes can serve as a new source of infection.

It is best to regularly treat them with product number 47.

To eliminate unpleasant odors from shoes, a comprehensive approach is required. There are three main tasks:

  • Number 29 — сlean the soles of the feet and toenails of bacteria,
  • Number 24 & 27 — reduce sweating, which promotes the proliferation of microorganisms,
  • Number 47 — eliminate sources of new infection.

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