Unique solution for effectively removing pet urine and marks. This ready-to-use aerosol product eliminates unpleasant odors at a microbiological level and prevents their return for an extended period. Suitable for various surfaces.

  • Odor Elimination at the Microbiological Level
  • Suitable for Various Surfaces
  • Easy and Convenient Application

Pet Urine and Stain Remover – Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors

Our unique ready-to-use solution is specially designed to eliminate unpleasant odors in areas frequented by pets. It effectively removes the specific odors at the microbiological level and prevents their recurrence for an extended period.

Key Benefits

Odor Elimination at the Microbiological Level: Our solution doesn’t simply mask odors; it destroys their source at the microbiological level. This ensures complete and long-lasting elimination of unpleasant odors.

Suitable for Various Surfaces: Our solution is safe and effective for use on various surfaces. You can use it in your home, car, on furniture, and in other places where you need to remove pet odors.

Easy and Convenient Application: The solution is available in aerosol spray form, making it easy and convenient to use. Simply spray it on the source of the odor, and the unpleasant smells will disappear.

With our pet urine and stain remover, you can create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere in your home where your furry friends are present. Enjoy cleanliness and freshness without unpleasant odors!


Spray the product on the source of the odor. Repeat if necessary.


200 ml


cationic surfactant <5%, bacillus ferment, preservative.