How household chemicals are killing you

Human health depends on the surrounding environment and external factors.

The skin, the body’s outer layer, endures a tremendous number of impacts:

  1. temperature variations,
  2. exposure to electrical currents,
  3. burns from hot water,
  4. exposure to acids and alkalis,
  5. and suffers from aggressive household chemicals.

All of this leads to various pathological changes, some of which can cause diseases. But that’s not all.

Skin manifestations are often accompanied by diseases of the entire body or individual organs. Almost always, these causes (external or internal) are interconnected.


Many saprophytic microorganisms inhabit our skin, rarely encountering pathogens. As long as a person is healthy, the immune system suppresses the attempts of these bacteria to penetrate deeper and cause illness.


However, when overall resistance is lowered (due to poor nutrition, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiencies, or trauma), the infection becomes active and begins to spread deeper.

One of the main reasons for immune system disruption is the effect of aggressive household chemicals on the human body through the skin.

Potentially dangerous are household chemicals that do not break down but settle in nature and in the human body. Some of these compositions are the cause of allergies and dermatological diseases.

It is important to understand that even everyday or monthly use of household chemicals containing toxic components can have a deadly effect after years.

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