Binatec product safety

Our products:

Do not cause corrosion.

Cleaning compositions with a pH level as high as that of Binatec products usually have an aggressive effect on metals.

Independent tests conducted by various Russian and European enterprises have confirmed that the vast majority of metals do not corrode even when in contact with our product concentrates.

In fact, the working compositions do not cause corrosion or metal etching at all. Additionally, Binatec products are indifferent to other materials.


Certificates from the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision of the ministry of health of Latvia indicate that all Binatec products belong to the lowest toxicity class.

Environmental considerations and Binatec products.

We offer products that meet all modern environmental protection requirements. When disposing of them, they can be discharged into the sewage system without restrictions.

Safe for eyes, respiratory tract, skin, and clothing.

When our products come into contact with the skin, they only remove grease, causing a sensation of dryness. As for getting Binatec products in the eyes, they cause irritation no greater than regular soap.

Our products allow consumers to comfortably work without protective equipment.

Nevertheless, in accordance with regulations, we state in the instructions for use that when working with Binatec products, protective measures for the skin and eyes should be used.

This is done as a formality, as protective equipment should always be used when working with any type of cleaner.


European regulatory documents state that a product is considered biodegradable if the maximum level of biodegradation (its breakdown into harmless elements naturally present in the environment) exceeds 80%.

Binatec products biodegrade by 85% within 28 days, reaching the level of glucose, and then completely degrade.


Many detergents contain phosphates to enhance their activity. It is known that phosphates harm the environment. Our products do not contain phosphates!

Stability of properties.

Binatec working compositions remain usable for an extended period since organic solvents are volatile, and our impurity separators quickly evaporate only at high temperatures.

Even in this case, 80% of the evaporated substance is water, not a degreaser.

An additional advantage of Binatec products is that their properties are highly stable, while the quality of solvents deteriorates significantly as they become saturated with impurities.

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