How probiotics will save you family

Nature has provided us with bacteria – they are a powerful tool in organizing many processes on earth.

Everything in nature is subject to the influence of bacteria; they are the consumers of waste produced as a result of life processes.

The ability to choose and use beneficial bacteria to colonize the pathogenic flora has led to the creation of a group of products – probiotics.

Not too long ago, this sphere of knowledge was closed to us, but nowadays it is applied in medicine, daily life, and more.

We have used probiotics to create powerful agents for combating impurities:

  1. A powerful non-chemical separator,
  2. Enzymes,
  3. Non-pathogenic (beneficial) bacteria.

These three new directions were combined into one cleaning agent (bac – bacterial active concentrate).

The first practical attempts to use these new agents showed unique cleaning and disinfection capabilities in the most complex industries and production sectors (food industry and agriculture).

It is already clear that using our agents,

  • intensive impurity separation occurs during simple cleaning,
  • enzymes immediately begin to clean surface pores,
  • and bacteria join the cleaning process after 6 hours, initially occupying the surface, depriving pathogenic bacteria of food and moisture, and then maintaining complete disinfection (completely eliminating pathogenic bacteria).

After some time, a small amount of beneficial bacteria completely takes over control of the cleaned surfaces and prevents the development of “incoming” pathogenic bacteria a new – achieving an absolute and controllable result.

The action of probiotics on the treated surface lasts for 2 months.

Now bacteria work for our benefit!

And they create an environment in which we exist, conducive to our healthy existence.

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