Binatec non-chemical impurity separators


Non-chemical impurity separators from Binatec are a unique opportunity for highly effective and safe cleaning. The series includes a range of cleaning products, each differing in their physical properties, with each having its specific application.


However, there are qualities that unite all these products – their use does not require mechanical effort during cleaning or washing. In simple terms, you no longer need to scrub surfaces for extended periods.

Another important feature is their complete environmental friendliness towards the environment, people, and animals.


When using Binatec products, gloves or other protective gear are not required.

An obvious advantage of solvent-type cleaning agents is their visible fast-acting nature.

However, there is a fundamental contradiction – the better a product cleans (reacts with dirt), the more dangerous it is and it deteriorates the cleaned surface itself.


Therefore, in professional cleaning, the surface would always deteriorate rapidly, especially given the cyclic nature of cleaning operations.

Additionally, dirt itself is never chemically homogeneous; it is always a mixture of various organic and inorganic components.


Therefore, it is practically impossible to find a single solvent that effectively removes all components of dirt.

Non-chemical impurity separators are a modern and high-tech solution to cleaning problems.

They do not react with other substances but instead clean by separating impurities from the surface, physically breaking the bonds between any impurities and any surface.

In cleaning with Binatec products, there is no chemical reaction; instead, a powerful penetrating ability of the product is used, along with high cationic activity for impurity separation.

Main properties of non-chemical impurity separators:

  • Powerful penetrating (intermolecular) ability,
  • Powerful impurity-separating ability,
  • Elimination of static charge on separated surfaces (which is positive both for separation and preventing subsequent dirt accumulation),
  • Elimination of odor nature (not masking, as in the case of deodorants),
  • While exhibiting high cleaning activity, it also has disinfecting properties,
  • Non-flammable (aqueous solution),
  • The product is a water-based solution of organic salts and, when diluted with water, loses its cleaning activity very slowly (compared to solvents). With such manifestations of cleaning activity, the product is not an alkali and even allows mechanical mixing with acids,
  • Absolutely safe for nature and humans, biodegradable in the environment,
  • Environmentally safe, permissible for discharge into sewage systems in any concentration.

The unique set of properties of Binatec products allows for the creation of a wide range of cleaning technologies, both in households and in professional fields!

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